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Bluetooth Wireless Nintendo Switch Controllers

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 One Of The Best Controllers To Rule Them All

This cool bluetooth controller can be used to connect to your Nintendo Switch and your PC. With the NFC function you can scan your amiibo with no problem. It provides up to 10 hours of gaming on a full charge just about the average time a beginner gamer plays a day. It's the perfect addition to your controller addition , with its cool design and reactive buttons.  Get yours now !

Product features:
🎮 All buttons and corresponding functions of the original switch controller have been added to adjust the continuous speed and vibration force of the motor;
🎮 4 green LED status indicators and 1 orange LED charging indicator;
🎮 20 function keys, "Docking" key is convenient for the first pairing and shutdown;
🎮 Integrated dual motors, high precision 3D joystick;
🎮 With 6-axis gyroscope;
🎮 Compatible with PC host (support x_input mode).


How to connect your controller :
(1) The controller is connected to the switch host via a USB cable. Unplug the USB cable and press any key to automatically connect to the switch host via Bluetooth.
(2) In the standby state, press and hold the "Docking" button for 3 seconds, the controller will enter the state corresponding to the Bluetooth host, the state of led1-4 is on; in the power-on state, short press the "Docking" button, the controller will In standby state;
(3) Close the screen of the switch host, and press the "HOME" button of the controller to wake up the host;
(4) The controller does not support the switch host upgrade function, and the controller software update requires our program to be downloaded and upgraded by connecting to the PC;
(5) Turbo function: Press and hold any shortcut key, and then press the "Turbo" key, the corresponding key will open the repeat mode. Press and hold the "Turbo" button of the controller and perform correct 3D up and down operations at the same time to adjust the continuous shooting speed.
(6) The controller supports wake-up functions other than L3, R3 and TURBO keys. After waking up, the controller enters the post-connection state, and led1-4 is the water lamp state. Long press the "Docking" button for 3 seconds to start the machine and enter the corresponding state. LED 1-4 indicator lights flash, open the corresponding host interface, the matching is successful, and the indicator light is on. The corresponding channel assigned by the host is long and bright; if the matching fails, control The device will automatically go to sleep after 60 seconds.

(7) The controller has the function of adjusting vibration intensity and vibration intensity. In the "Settings" option of the switch host, you can manually enable or disable the vibration function of the controller motor. After connecting to the controller, on the "Search Controller" interface of the switch host, press and hold the "Turbo" controller key and perform 3D operations up and down, left and right at the same time, which can improve and reduce the vibration intensity of the motor. The user can select and adjust four speeds: 100%-70%-30%-0%.

Customer Reviews

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Piper Schaefer

Very good product, it looks well done. Good materials, very sturdy…

Kendall Hickle

Very good, work perfectly

Sabryna Gibson

He arrived fast, very well packing, meets my expectations, works according to the description, I certainly recommend it to 100. Thank you.

Kasandra Turner

Bluetooth Wireless Nintendo Switch Controllers

Keshawn Ruecker

Bluetooth Wireless Nintendo Switch Controllers

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