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Mini Nintendo Switch Docking Station

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Are You Ready For  Your Switch To Truly Be Able To Come Anywhere With You?!



If your like us you do fancy docking your switch and play a bit of Smash Bros here and there on a TV screen,but visiting mates without a switch is a bit of a lowkey pain because of that cumbersome docking station (we still love you ), that's why the solution to problem outside of taking our friends credit card and order a switch for them (JK) is to get a mini docking station ! Get the TV big screen  goodness from something 15 % the size ! The Mini Nintendo Switch Docking Station is easily setup and much portable than the original making it an excellent second dock or even your preferred one !

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Sometimes smaller is better but if don't fancy the Mini Nintendo Switch Docking Station we have the travel back for you riighhttt here【Please use switch official power supply】

Product Highlights【Lightweight & Portable】  foldable and lightweight design, this switch dock is only 15% of the size of the original Nintendo switch dock, fits easily to your handbag or backpack, ideal replacement for the Nintendo switch docking station.【Ventilation Holes Design】 Two oversized venting on both sides of the switch TV dock, which helps ventilate and stays cool even playing for a long time. Also, the unique dock design frees you from the risk of scratching your switch.【Multiple Ports Available】 This Switch TV dock features 1 HDMI port, 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 switch button, 2 USB . Connect it with HDMI supported output devices such as TVs, computer monitors & laptops, with a USB 3.0 port to connect with a USB controller or controller adapter.【Multi-protection for your safety】 With the optimized and improved original base chip, it protects your devices from over-current, over-voltage, over-charging, and Short-circuit, don't have to worry about damaging your console anymore! It also can be used as a switch charging dock, play while charging!

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Leonora Christiansen

I am very satisfied, the Dock works very well and in addition it can be used as a support for the Switch. I recommend the seller at 200%

Jabari Smitham

Very practical.

Marquise Kshlerin

All right. All right. It serves very well. My switch has a protective housing and didn't make a good connection. That's why I had to scratch him a little where the switch is supported.

Freda Schneider

it works well

Destinee Smitham

The package has arrived in a week only, I was very happy because I need it for my daughter's birthday. Carefully packed so that the item does not suffer damage. Without incidences, the article faithfully complies with the description. I still have to prove it, I'll leave a comment on how it works when I check it out. It's very light. If it works properly it will be a great purchase. Communication with the impeccable store.

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