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Azragamer Ps4 Controller Protective Skin

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While The Ps5 Is Out We Haven't Forgotten The  Ps4

While we do have some protective skins for the ps5 here

We have some protective skins for your ps4 to keep your controller clean and protected , and looking cool with  unique and awesome designs. What's that you don't think you need a controller sleeve you say? Alright, let's test that. Get a wet wipe and give your controller a little rub, shocking right ! Prevent all that dirt, sweat and give a little extra protection when you rage quit (Dark Souls does that to the best of us it's okay) .

Now you can get your new controller skin to give you a more protected and comfortable gaming experience or be the only one with the boring, dirty, (did we mention boring ) unprotected controller.


Product Highlights

🎮 Durable Protection-Protects from dirt, drops, dust, scratches and sweat!

🎮 Game for Longer- Comfortable feel makes you want to game even longer !

🎮 Looks Cool- Yeah we said it , that's definitely a pro in our books!

🎮 Better Grip- Less likely to have accidental drops due to them sweaty, working hard hands !

Reminder: The silicone sleeve is only suitable for PS4 slim pro handles. Do not scratch the silicone sleeve with sharp objects, otherwise it will cause damage to the product.

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