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PS5 Trigger and Thumb Grip Bundle

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New PS5? Meet Your New Grips


You and everyone in the world got their new PS5 , and will be racking up those gaming hours (Spiderman anyone ?) all that gaming you are going to need comfort and a bit of help with your precision. That's were we come in ! Designed specifically for Sony PlayStation PS5 controllers. These grips  can be easily placed in seconds. They are  Wear-resistant, non-slip, and feel excellent or dare we say ehm. The silicone surface is comfortable and can be washed with water. After a while PS5 game controller for a period of time, the left and right joysticks of the controller will wear out or even tear, and you will no longer be able to use the game controller. It would be a pity to buy a new one since your controller is  still good. However, if you first use this professionally designed PS5 protective cover, you can solve the trouble of repurchasing the handle. Get this great value bundle now and up your gaming today!


Product Features



  • 🎮Professional thumb grip attachments for controller analogue sticks
  • 🎮Offers added control and superior grip
  • 🎮Reduces slippage wear and tear to your controller


    Product specification:

    Material: Silicone Color: Black Quantity: 8 pieces/set Compatible with: For Sony PlayStation PS5 controller.

    Package Included:

    4 thumb grip caps 4 trigger extenders



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