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Antibacterial UV Phone Sanitizer

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You can't wipe your phone but you can still disinfect it !

Recent bacterial studies claim that your cell phone is a veritable hothouse for bacteria. In fact, some studies claim that you may have up to ten times more bacteria on your phone than on your toilet seat . BRUH!

If you weren't a germophobe already, chances are that you are one now, especially since the corona came out to play . So what should you do if you want to keep your phone clear of nasty bugs like E.coli ?

Time to get yourself a phone sanitizer, using the  same UV sanitizer technology that, used to disinfect everything from toothbrushes to hotel linens. UV light is often used to kill bacteria because specific wavelengths of UV light are "germicidal," in the sense that they can cause the bonds to break between molecules within the bacteria's DNA,rendering the bacteria damaged or dead.


UV sterilization. The sterilizing case has double 2W UV lamp, rapidly killing germs in about 3 mins.

Automatic power off when you open the lid of the box, it will automatically stop disinfection, smart and practical.Multi functional With enough space to holds your small gadgets in, this disinfection box can clean your phone, mask, toothbrush, jewelry, make up brushes and more.

Portable design

The sterilization box has a simple but exquisite appearance, small size and lightweight, easy to storage or carry.Wide applications It is perfectly ideal for home, office, hotel, traveling, business trip

Specifications:Type:Material: ABS

Sterilizing time: 3 mins

Input voltage: 5V 1000mA


wavelength: 254nm

Outer size: 210*116*41mm/8.25*4.56*1.61in 

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