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Among Us Color Changing Lamp

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K Black 7color touch
B Usb and battery
K Black 16color remote
J Black 7color touch
B Usb battery APPcontrol
C Black 16color remote
H Black 7color touch
I Black 16color remote
CUsb battery APPcontrol
C Alarm clock base
B Crack 7 colors
A Black 7 colors
E Black 7color touch
C Crack 7 colors
Crack 7 remote control
BlackA 16color remote
B Bluetooth speaker base
A Black 16color remote
J Black 16color remote
D Black 16color remote
A Bluetooth speaker base
Alarm clock base
A Crack 7 colors
B Crack 7 remote control
E Black 16color remote
A Usb and battery
A Usb battery APPcontrol
BlackA 7 colors
C Usb and battery
Usb battery APPcontrol
Crack 7 colors
F Black 16color remote
Usb and battery
C Crack 7 remote control
I Black 7color touch
B Black 7 colors
C Bluetooth speaker base
Bluetooth speaker base
B Alarm clock base
A Alarm clock base
G Black 16color remote
LBlack 16color remote
C Black 7 colors
D Black 7color touch
B Black 16color remote
G Black 7color touch
F Black 7color touch
A Crack 7 remote control
L Black 7color touch
H Black 16color remote

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Among Us Color Changing Lamp

This is a beautiful art light. You can see the 3D sculptures in the darkness. But it is actually a two-dimensional illusion which is made by plane acrylic glass, engraved with the 2D laser engraving image on the surface.

Light source type: led light
Voltage: ≤36V (V)
Shade material: Acrylic
The main scope of application: corridors, leisure and entertainment venues, corridors, hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, exhibition halls, home places
Switch type: remote control
Average service life: 30000 (h)
Power supply mode: USB power supply
Product power: 0.5W
Product voltage: 5V
Switch mode: touch switch, remote control switch

Package Content:
1x light

Customer Reviews

No reviews yet

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